"Fiona is one of the few people I would phone when confronted with the most difficult sustainable business challenges. Why?

  1. Because she brings real and deep expertise of sustainability – so you don't have to start explaining everything from the beginning.

  2. She always provides me with new knowledge, insights which I really value.

  3. Most importantly – she has a great positive, creative and professional attitude.

She puts forward ideas and welcomes and builds on feedback to make them better. I trust her to manage complex thinking and difficult stakeholder relationships, whilst still being brave to think bold and inspire colleauges to make the future business the best it can possibly be."


Carmel McQuaid

Head of Sustainable Business, Marks and Spencer

"Fiona works with Uscreates to deliver futures and foresight services for our clients. She is an absolutely excellent person to work with. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, is commercially savvy, smart and articulate. She compliments this with ideas and creativity. In short, she is ace."


Zoe Stanton

Founder/Director, Uscreates

“Fiona is a rare find in the industry: exciting strategic vision, robust interpretation, clear and concise presentation and the best fun to work with too. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for a leading thinker and an expert client partner.”


Peter Askew

Director of Innovation, Anthesis

"I have had the pleasure of working with Fiona over the last five years on projects for Pernod Ricard, Compass Group, Jameson and many others. Every time is a pleasure and an education.

She has that rare ability to scan far and wide for inspiration, and then lock in with laser-focus on the thing that really matters. She is analytical and rigorous, but also extremely creative. She is principled in her pursuit of positive impact, yet pragmatic enough to get her recommendations embedded in the business. 

These combinations, and much more, give Fiona the credibility, clout and charisma to challenge the status quo, invent bold creative strategies and inspire C-Suite leaders to reimagine their future. She is the kind of advisor who makes everyone around her better.

A rare talent and joy to work with in every way, every time."


Sean McKnight

Founding Partner, Fortitude Partners

"Fiona combines depth of understanding of the sustainability agenda with solid commercial business experience and a passion for innovation and design. She used all these to great effect leading Dragon Rouge's pioneering work in Brand Futures, envisaging how brands could meet the needs of future consumers sustainably. She can inspire and energise a team, and importantly can translate ideas into tangible reality. A marketing-savvy, brand-wise sustainability expert with true creative flair."


Dorothy Mackenzie

CEO, Dragon Rouge

"Fiona has been involved in delivering Sustainability Training as part of our R&D Academy. She leads our 3 day course as facilitator as well as delivering course content. Fiona is an excellent presenter with a detailed knowledge of sustainability. She also facilitates project work, engaging with teams to get them to think creatively. Her personal style works very well with teams and she consistently works at the highest level."


John Temple

R&D Director, Unilever

"Fiona is one of the most impressive people I have had the pleasure of working with. She's intelligent, remarkably creative and extremely well-informed on all things to do with sustainability. She has the ability to apply a combination of insight, foresight, strategy and creativity to make businesses simultaneously aspirational and sustainable. And she makes things happen."


Nick Liddell

Director of Consulting, The Clearing

"I worked with Fiona on a Sainsbury's & Unilever sponsored project with Forum for the Future called "Consumer Furtures". Fiona took over the management of the project mid-way through and did an excellent job pushing, pulling and engaging us on the project. Always enthusiastic, hungry and creative, Fiona has a good knowledge of the inter-relationship between sustainability, behaviour, communications and design and is a joy to work with."


Jack Cunningham

Head of Climate Change & Environment, Sainsbury's