I am an experienced foresight and sustainability consultant focusing on creative approaches to strategy and innovation.


I help organisations and brands to create future-proof strategies, innovation roadmaps and business models. I develop and use future scenarios, foresight, insight and sustainability principles to build solutions that help organisations and brands thrive. Not just over the next few quarters, but in the long-term. Because knowing where you are going in the future, gives you much more confidence to plan and innovate today.


My career started in Italy at L'Oreal marketing, followed by the Design Council and some healthcare innovation work.


But the fun really started at Forum for the Future where I led innovation projects with clients such as Unilever, Bupa, Burberry, Suffolk County Council and the National Trust. I helped to develop many of the innovation approaches Forum use today and co-wrote a number of future scenarios across fashion, retail and the creative industries


After 4 years at Forum, I took on the new role of Head of Sustainability & Foresight at global design and innovation company, Dragon Rouge. I balanced exciting and challenging work with clients like The Coca-Cola Company, The Kellogg Company and Marks and Spencer, with the opportunity to develop and publish a range of brand-led futures work: Brand Futures 2030, presents five concepts exploring how some of today’s well-known brands, like Primark and Easy-Jet, could adapt and thrive in the future; and Family of the Future 2030 explores the long-term role of families from the Modular Mover to the Silver Linings and their relationships with work, brands and each other.

I believe it is critical for businesses and brands to explore the long-term future alongside their deep understanding of behaviours, needs and brand purpose today. What will people desire and need? What brand purpose will engage and retain customers in the long-term? What business models will win in the future? How can products and services prosper in a sustainable future? 


Afterall, if you've no idea where you're heading, how can you make a compelling argument for what you're doing?


I have a BA (1st) in Italian & Design from UCL; an MA in Strategic Design from the Politecnico di Milano; and a PGcert in Sustainable Development from Imperial College London. I am a fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce); an associate at Fortitude PartnersUscreates, GoodBrand,Kin &Co. and Caffeine; and a Forum for the Future affiliate.