I count myself very lucky to enjoy my work as much as i do –part of that enjoyment stems from working with a variety of clients accross different sectors: no two jobs are ever

the same.


Some specific examples of what i love doing:


> Working with brands and businesses, of all shapes and sizes, to explore the long-term future as inspiration for meaningful innovation and/or strategy today


> Helping brand owners bridge the gap between sustainability and what customers and consumers actually want


> Working with agencies and consultancies to hard-wire foresight and sustainability into campaigns and innovation concepts

> Helping sustainability teams work coherently with their marketing and brand teams 



The work I do can be delivered from a market/industry, organisational or brand point of view – it includes:


Content creation

> foresight scanning

> insight scanning 

> scenario development

> ID of long-term risks & opportunities

> learning from the pioneers: sustainable & business

model innovation 

> blogs, articles, presentations and other written content


Content in action

> workshop design, facilitation and/or participation

> creative stimulus for workshops

> idea generation

> idea/concept development

> prototyping

> idea/concept storyboarding

> innovation roadmaps